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Commercial Real Estate

Commercial real estate is one of the most complex, challenging and evolving areas of law.  Each situation is truly unique, with its own risks and traps that, if not handled properly, may lead to an unintended and adverse result for the client.  That is why it is critical for the client……whether buyer or seller, landlord or tenant, or in any other capacity…….to select an experienced, skilled and creative attorney to assist with the transaction.  And it is best to engage such counsel as early in the transaction as possible.

The attorneys and staff at FLG have considerable experience and expertise in handling commercial real estate transactions involving properties of all types, uses and sizes.  The following are examples of commercial real estate matters and related areas in which the Firm represents its clients:

  • Contract preparation and negotiation, due diligence investigation, and financing issues.  
  • The acquisition and sale, financing, construction, development, ownership, and operation of properties. These include large and small shopping center projects; office and apartment building transactions and conversions; industrial, warehouse and mixed-use projects; hospitality; and timeshares facilities and condominiums.
  • Leasing involving retail, office, industrial and hospitality properties. The Firm represents individual and corporate landlords and tenants assisting them in negotiating leases and subleases of all types. Our landlord and tenant clients include national as well as “mom and pop” businesses.
  • Zoning, land use planning and property variances.
  • Federal, State, and municipal code violations and compliance issues.
  • Formation of land trusts and other creative ownership vehicles.
  • IRC §1031 Like Kind and Reverse Exchanges
  • Title Insurance for several national title insurance companies.
  • Construction and Architectural contracts (A1A and custom forms).
  • Entity formation and structuring for ownership and operation of property.
  • Hospitality properties and transactions.

The attorneys at the Firm also have the understanding and knowledge to identify when the services of another professional may be necessary or in the best interests of the client when working on a particular transaction. To better serve our clients, we have developed strong relationships with many financial institutions, investors, lending sources, surveyors, architects, engineers, land planners, accountants, and other third party vendors. We have found that this “team” approach often proves very beneficial to the client by furthering a project and accomplishing the client’s objectives.

The Firm’s commercial real estate clients include local and national corporate and individual property owners and investors, developers, REITs, brokers, property management and construction companies, landlords, tenants, architects, general contractors, mortgage lenders, and local and national financial institutions.

Our attorneys are available to meet with you to discuss any issues you may have regarding any commercial real estate transaction you may be considering, or in which you may already be involved.   And, remember, your interests are best served when you consult with an attorney before you execute any legally binding document.

Please contact us at the Fogel Law Group any time if we can be of service regarding any of these issues or transactions.