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Business Disputes & Litigation; Settlement Negotiations

It is not uncommon today for a loan, real estate or business transaction, no matter the original intentions of the parties, to devolve into a dispute or disagreement. Consequently, the Firm is often called upon to assist in the resolution of such matters and, when circumstances require, to provide  settlement negotiation counsel and, if deemed necessary, litigation services.

Together with our clients, we analyze the facts leading to the dispute and counsel our clients on all of the consequences of proceeding with litigation.  The Firm’s attorney’s are very creative and take great pride in being able to find what we call a “business practical resolution” to those disputes that arise.  A dispute between partners or other business associates can jeopardize and even destroy their business; accordingly, the Firm endeavors to maintain the parties’ level-headedness and attempt to resolve the dispute in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

It is the Firm’s belief that litigation should be pursued as a last resort and only after all other reasonable alternatives are fully considered, evaluated and implemented. To that end, and in pursuit of the best result for our client, FLG’s attorneys are experienced in complex settlement negotiations.   And, when settlement negotiations are not successful, the Firm has attorneys that possess the skills and experience to litigate a dispute at the small claims, trial and appellate court levels.  We provide advice to our clients in a manner that enables them to understand the costs and results, both professional and personal, associated with litigation. 

Some examples in which the Firm represents its clients in litigation include foreclosure matters, evictions, contract and lease disputes, shareholder and related corporate disputes and real estate actions.  Also, FLG has experience in handling all aspects of commercial litigation representing clients in both State and Federal Courts, as well as in mediation and arbitration proceedings.

Our Firm is available to assist you in realizing the best result possible in your business dispute.

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